My happiest moments as a child were making clay snakes and rhythmically bobbing around the kitchen, beating pots with spoons. It’s no surprise that my career involves dancing and working with my hands.  I grew up in Seattle.  After college in NY, I returned to the Northwest  and trained as a massage therapist before a final re-location to the East. 

I lived in DC for 7 yrs where I had a vibrant massage practice located at Georgetown Law School.  The rest of my work hours were spent hustling around the city, teaching yoga at federal agencies & museums as well as trips to the Supreme Court building to teach Justice O’Connor and her friends for their weekly dance/fitness class.

The Blue Ridge Mountains reminded me of home and nature beckoned me closer to it.  I now live in Charlottesville, close to the woods with my husband and kitty, Butternut.

As a massage therapist, I spent parts of my career in the spa industry. Most recently, I enjoyed 7 years at the spa at ACAC.  I enjoy continuing education courses such as Reflexology, Acupressure and in 2015 I completed certification with Zero Balancing Health Association.

Since early adulthood I have dedicated a few hrs/week spending time with children age 1-5. I am nourished by kids’ playfulness and my own need to nurture and attune to other humans.  Recently, I was an Artist in Residence for Albemarle public schools where I helped k-6 kids understand math via dance. 

I am fascinated by personal development and spiritual growth and spend a good amount of time studying psychological theory about ‘healthy attachment’ as well as nervous system re-wiring. I am especially interested in the teachings of: my mentors: Wendy Hubbard and Sharon Ann Rose