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AFRI-CArdio 8:15am Mondays & 4:25 Fridays @ ACAC Downtown. 

This class is a fusion of African dance and a Cardiovascular workout, taught with great respect and gratitude for the people and traditions of Guinea. I created it after 2 extensive trips to Guinea, West Africa where I studied the traditional dances of that region.

Class begins with loosening the joints and then eases into more powerful muscular movements. Most of the hour is like gentle yet challenging interval training, with very gradual transitions from one pattern to the next. The large, powerful muscles of the hips and thighs are emphasized. Arm movements are big and expressive. The controlled articulation of the spine supports core strength and spinal mobility. AFRI-CArdio encourages participants to feel this dance style and move to the rhythm but it is not a dance technique class. This makes it easy for ANYBODY to follow. Class ends with a simple stretch segment. The most common feedback I get is, “Time passed so quickly and I really sweated!”

Membership to ACAC in not required to attend AFRI-CArdio. First Fridays’ classes are accompanied by LIVE DRUMMING w/ Charlottesville Drum Choir. First Fridays are also FREE to non-members at ACAC. There is a protocol for this so please contact me ahead of time to arrange for access to the club.

HATHA YOGA TO UNWIND: 7:15pm Thursdays @ ACAC Downtown. 

I teach very basic poses that emphasize rebalancing postural patterns. I've lead yoga classes since ’02 and the underlying intention in each class is to help increase self-compassion and love. Be a loving voice, encourage pleasure via relaxation. Guests are welcome to ACAC. Please contact me directly beforehand.

HATHA YOGA WITH LIVE MUSIC: Offered seasonally @ ACAC Downtown

Gabe Gavin and Jim Gagnion accompany class with the african drum, flute, didgereedoo, bells and chimes. The Live music gives participants a chance to move through simple and familiar yoga poses while meditating on sound. The intention of this class is to unwind playfully and give extra attention to the qualities of strength, power and confidence expressed with ease and kindness. 

RESTORATIVE YOGA WITH MASSAGE: Offered seasonally @ Simple Yoga, Dtwn Cville

This special ‘naptime-like’ yoga class was created as a result of the glowing feedback I've received from students in DC. Participants relax in about 6 different positions (poses), with the body supported with blankets and props. While fully-clothed, students receive mini-massages while I use verbal guidance and visualization to promote deep relaxation and healing.